Karen Guyler

Thriller writer of twisty suspense stories with heart


The Only

Longlisted for the Debut Dagger

Britain, 2025


The Government look out for us.  (Don’t they?)


Everything we need is given to us by the Government, they choose where we live, what we eat, what job we do, we don’t have to worry about anything.


The Government saved us.  (Didn’t they?)


After the flu pandemic if they hadn’t mobilised the military we’d have all killed each other.


We’re happy with the way things are.  (Aren’t we?)


Of course we are - if we keep the rules, they keep us safe.


You’d have to be mad to go against them.  I wouldn’t.


Why would I, I’m a sixteen-year-old schoolgirl used to doing what I’m told.  But now my brother’s life is on the line . . .


Would I?


How could I?

The Disappeareds

Britain, 2026

A fledgling Resistance fighter. Her dictator father. She’s their only chance of stopping him.

Moved to London to work at Science Academy just like she bargained, Maya Flint has everything she wanted. Except her best friend, except her family, except her safety. Pointing a warning finger with a rifle, the Government’s grip is tightening, all to maintain perfect Britain, of course. The rumours of unrest in the agricultural communes aren’t the glimmer of hope they should be. Not when there are increased curfews, more encouragement for the population to turn on each other, blatant shootings. 

Something big is coming, something that has a dictator running scared. And a man scared is capable of anything.

Stop him, she must. 

            But what if the price is Maya’s soul?
                            What if he gets to her first?

The Reckoning

Britain, 2027



It’s the winter of discontent – food shortages, a military out of control, a Government scrabbling to hold everything together while the people openly question, push back. But Maya Flint knows nothing different because her memories only start from last summer.


Set adrift in a stranger’s life, can she find her way back to those she cares about?

Before it’s too late, will she learn that some things, some people, are not to be trusted?


And what happens if she does?



Dateline Zero: The Reckoning is the thrilling conclusion to Maya Flint’s story. If you love twisty suspense where you can’t guess where the story’s going, you’ll love this final instalment. Pick up a copy today to see if you can figure it out!

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