Karen Guyler

Thriller writer of twisty stories with heart

Hi! I'm Karen, welcome to my site!


Who am I you ask? Well, even if you didn't I'm going to tell you, since you're here....

Always being the new girl (at nine schools on two continents) was no fun at all so books became the only constant in my life, even if they didn't help me get out of sports days. Now settled in Milton Keynes, England, I juggle reading with writing, my three children, husband and dog, a much nicer mix! I also teach creative writing for Adult Education with lots of laughing in amongst the word wrangling and discovery - mine is usually the noisiest class...

If you'd like to chat, you can find me here


and here


If you love my words and want me to create more, you can buy me a coffee here and I'll send you one of my favourite short stories!  

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