Karen Guyler

Thriller writer of twisted tales with heart

As twisty as Jeffrey Deaver, as fast-paced as James Patterson, as deadly as Killing Eve, The Society is Karen Guyler’s thrilling new series.


Dare you read it?

Dare You? Prequel

Do you control the assassins, or do the assassins control you?


Trevor Young is sick to death of his embezzling, cheating business partner. And it’s time to act.

When he approaches The Society, however, his simple problem becomes a more complex equation. He thought they were just a gun for hire, but The Society has one important rule that Trevor thought didn’t matter.

Never break the contract.

Now, The Society are in control.

And Trevor’s life is the one on the line.

The Society, Book 1

If they know your name, you’re already dead.

Former MI6 analyst Eva Janssen’s life couldn’t be better. CEO of the charity founded in her father’s name, she’s putting the final touches on the ball that will take all she’s worked for to the next level. 


But when a former colleague is poisoned instead of her, her usually quiet world spins out of control. Who is targeting her? And why?


Separated from her husband and daughter while on the run, Eva realises they’ve become pawns in a deadly power game. And she has no idea who the players are.


Why is MI6 back in her life? And why does danger lurk where she least expects it?


Above all… who is The Society? Will she be able to connect the dots before they find her?


Longlisted for the Debut Dagger

The Only Front Cover.jpg
The Only, Book 1

Britain, 2025


The Government saved those the flu didn't kill. No one questions, no one disobeys, certainly not Maya Flint. But now her brother's life is on the line and everything she believed is a lie, how far will Maya go to save him?

The Disappeareds, Book 2

Britain, 2026

A fledgling Resistance fighter. Her dictator father. She’s their only chance of stopping him.


But what if the price is Maya Flint's soul?

The Reckoning Draft.jpg
The Reckoning,
Book 3

Britain, 2027


Set adrift in a stranger’s life, can Maya find her way back to those she cares about? What will it cost her if she doesn't?