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Meet the next generation of British policing - powerfully smart, classified and here already


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DI Nikki Ross, Book 1
DI Nikki Ross, Book 2

An unconventional partnership, a ticking clock, and lives on the line.

In the high-stakes world of crime, Detective Inspector Nikki Ross is on the fast track to success. When a hot tip gives the Major Crimes Unit the chance to solve two cases, it should have been textbook. But the dangerous stakeout spirals out of control until one of Nikki’s team is fighting for their life, while she is left wounded, blamed, and teetering on the brink of suspension from the job she lives for.


With her future hanging by a thread, Nikki is thrown an extraordinary lifeline: team up with a top-secret AI to crack a cold case and she may yet save her career. It’s a risky proposition: an unconventional partnership with a not-so-Robocop AI and its enigmatic handler, but Nikki has no choice. With only seven days to solve the unsolvable, she must perform a miracle or lose her career forever.


In this pulse-pounding crime thriller, DI Nikki Ross must race the clock to navigate a treacherous web of deceit in the pursuit of a faceless killer. Lives hang in the balance and the line between justice and sacrifice has never been thinner.

How far into a killer's world would you go to stop them?

In the hi-tech smart city of Milton Keynes, Detective Inspector Nikki Ross and her fledgling team are thrust into a terrifying game of cat and mouse after a brutal murder. Little do they know this is just the beginning.

Amidst the chaos, even Whip, their top-secret AI, fails to foresee the darkness that lies ahead. Then another body is discovered, adorned with the same strange markings as the first—a twisted and chilling kill signature. But this serial killer is no ordinary predator: defying the profilers’ rule books, they’re devolving at an alarming pace so no one is safe.

Nikki’s determination to bring down the killer is matched only by the high-stakes consequences. But when she understands failure means the unravelling of her own world, it may already be too late.

Prepare to be gripped by this electrifying crime thriller as Nikki and her team delve into the warped mind of a smart and sadistic killer. Can Nikki stop the Night Killer before they take someone she can’t lose?

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Twistier than Jeffrey Deaver, faster-paced than James Patterson, deadlier than Killing Eve, The Society is Karen Guyler’s thrilling new series.


Dare you read it?

All free in Kindle Unlimited
Dare You? Prequel
The Society, Book 1
The Society, Book 2

You instructed the assassins but you didn't obey the contract. Now they're after you.

Trevor Young's money is gone but he knows who took it.

Instructing The Society to take out his embezzling, cheating business partner is easy. But Trevor didn't realise they're not just a gun for hire, that you mustn't break their rules. 

So he did.

Now, The Society are in control. And his life is on the line.

Can he get the target off his back?

Dare you read it?

If they know your name, you're already dead.


How did it come to this?


It started with a slice of chocolate cake yesterday when Eva Janssen’s life was perfectly normal, and she and her family were as safe as you. But today they have invisible targets on their backs.

Has something from Eva’s past come back for revenge? Or is it the secrets her husband’s been hiding that will get them killed?

The faceless, nameless assassins of The Society don’t care. All that matters to them is completing their mission - taking out those targets.

But they don’t know Eva.

The cutting edge just got sharper

Eva Janssen wants to be accepted back at MI6 so of course she accepts the trial mission she’s offered. A quick trip to Norway and home to London before her daughter Lily has even missed her.

Her first mistake is thinking it’s an easy test. Her second is assuming she knows who she's fighting.

And that's before she realises she hasn’t understood what it means to be part of The Society.

When she finds herself on the wrong end of the Lynx Assassin, a next-gen weapon smarter and deadlier than the sharpest human, can she even survive?

The Society, book 3

Ever had that feeling? You know, the one that scratches at you under your skin because something is just . . . wrong?

Agent Eva Janssen has it right now but everyone around her – the Director of MI6, head of her unit, the Prime Minister – is behaving like the band that played on deck while the Titanic sank beneath them. Carl Rubin’s madman agenda to wipe out the population is as dead as him they tell her, so let it go, move on to her new mission. Except they didn’t look him in the eyes like Eva did, they didn’t see he wasn’t insane. They won’t hear he would have planned for this.

One woman, an arms network of next-gen weaponry, the most dangerous place in the world – stopping this dead man might just kill her.


The Society, book 4

MI6 stole it from him, he's taking it back

Italy: sunshine, beautiful buildings, gelato. Somewhere ‘normal’ for agents Eva Janssen and Luke Fox after their last mission in Afghanistan and a simple one this time. But the target is a lawyer for the Mafia, so simple is the first casualty. Reeling from how it all went wrong, Eva and Luke return to London where the impossible is true, The Society is under attack.

But it’s worse than that.

He's back, the Shadow Man. More anonymous than The Society’s true mission, a deadlier assassin than any of them, he has more than vengeance on his mind. And from the dangerous shadows where he operates, he can reach all of them and everyone they’ve ever cared about.

But no one can touch him.



All free in Kindle Unlimited

Longlisted for the Debut Dagger

The Only, Book 1

Britain, 2025


The Government saved those the flu didn't kill. No one questions, no one disobeys, certainly not Maya Flint. But now her brother's life is on the line and everything she believed is a lie, how far will Maya go to save him?

The Disappeareds, Book 2

Britain, 2026

A fledgling Resistance fighter. Her dictator father. She’s their only chance of stopping him.


But what if the price is Maya Flint's soul?

The Reckoning,
Book 3

Britain, 2027


Set adrift in a stranger’s life, can Maya find her way back to those she cares about? What will it cost her if she doesn't?

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